How we harvest Mimosa Hostilis

How we harvest Mimosa Hostilis

Mimosa Hostilis

MHRB is the pioneer name of the beneficial Mimosa Tenuiflora shrub root bark. Due to its magical healing powers and other potential benefits, this plant is famous all around the world. However, it carries a unique name in different parts of the world, such as Calumbi in Brazil and Tepezcohuite in Mexico. The tree has proved to be beneficial for the ecosystem as it contributes to the process of nitrogen fixation.

In addition to this, the locals believe that it has miraculous skin-healing powers and many other health advantages. All in all, this plant proves the role of plants in supporting human life.

Cultivation Of Mimosa Hostilis

It is a sun-loving plant that requires a significant amount of water for its vegetation and growth over time. For its cultivation, a USDA Zone 9 or higher is suitable for a higher yield. However, its cultivation may be prohibited in some regions around the world to exempt its illegal uses.

Harvesting Of Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark

As the shrub is beneficial to human health in many ways, it is being sold out publicly. To ensure the enrichment and quality of the root bark, it is essential to harvest it rightly. The targeted portion of the plant during harvesting is its medicinal inner root bark. Unlike stem bark, root bark harvesting is more complex and requires precision throughout the process. You can Buy Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark in multiple forms, e.g., as a whole or pre-powdered form.

Following Are Steps Of Harvesting The Root Bark Of Mimosa Hostilis Plant:

  1. Root Preparation – Gathering a generous amount of dried root bark and observe the targeted area. The root bark is slightly lighter in color than the outer, which is dark-brown.
  1. Cleaning The Root – Cleaning the root is an essential step of harvesting and ensure the quality. Gently brushing the pieces to remove any dirt from the surface. After this, the bark is finely scraped to remove the outer layer of the bark until a black-purplish layer is seen.
  1. Peeling The Root Bark – Peeling off the remaining outer layer with hands or with the help of a knife. At this stage, discarding the inner core after separating the root bark from it.
  1. Drying-Off – The peeled bark now needs to be dried entirely before its packaging. The duration of drying-off the bark varies, depending on the air circulation and temperature of the surroundings.
  1. Breaking Up The Root Bark (Optional) – This is an optional step in the process of harvesting Mimosa Hostilis root bark. We can break the peeled root bark into small pieces after it is completed dried up or store it as a whole.

So That’s How We Harvest Our Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark.

At Abraxas Roots, we aim to provide you with the best possible quality of the miraculous Mimosa Hostilis plant.  Unlike others, we put extra effort and care into the harvesting process of the root bark. We believe in quality and loyalty towards our valuable customers, and for this purpose here are some of the reasons which make us unique and trustworthy in the market:

  • Where We Harvest It

To ensure the high-quality and safe harvesting of this plant, we have assembled and professionally trained a team of locals. The goal is to naturally extract the root barks from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. It has been naturally and personally harvested and refined here. The best part about Oaxaca is its geographical location and soil quality, which makes the plant enriched with the ideal amount of nutrients. During harvesting, the stem bark is completely discarded as we only provide our customers with the medicinal inner root bark.

  • Ethical Harvesting

We do not believe in prioritizing profit over human living conditions. That is why we provide the local workers with the best possible equipment for harvesting and fairly pay them for their hard work. We offer our workers with pay above American standard. As we care for our honorable customers, we cater to employees’ needs and requirements as well. We pay our workers generously so that they can work hard to ensure the quality of the product for you.

  • We Harvest The Best

We harvest the 15-20 years old big plants of Mimosa Hostilis since their roots are enriched with beneficial tannins and alkaloids. We do not merely harvest the small young roots like others, as it is easy to harvest since they don’t need to dig deep into the ground. But we prefer the bigger and older roots; the bigger the roots, the better the quality and ingredients and vice versa.

  • Packaging

Last but not least, the packaging is yet another vital factor in harvesting. It is essential to ensure that the root bark are entirely dried up before they are packed and ready to be shipped. We offer different quantity options for shipment according to your requirements. All the product is refined and packed safely. You can blindly rely on us for your shipped package as we make sure that you receive it in a perfect manner.

If you are looking for 100% organic Mimosa Hostilis root bark to buy in the United States and Canada, then Abraxas Roots is the name you can rely on. We are a reputable company with a long history of satisfied customers and working hard to get even more.  We always aim to deliver the best quality products at prices you cannot even imagine! Trust us for your next order of this magical medicinal root bark, and you won’t regret it.

From harvesting to packaging to shipment, we put much consideration into our customers’ expectations and work accordingly. Contact us today to buy 100% high-quality Mimosa Hostilis root bark for surprising health benefits and results.

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