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How To Make Mimosa Hostilis Soap

How To Make Mimosa Hostilis Soap

What Is MHRB?

Mimosa Hostilis is a Brazil native bark that is believed to be magical in the treatment of skin problems. It is why it has been named “THE SKIN TREE.” According to the local users, they claim that the tannins and alkaloids present in this bark are excellent for the treatment of all sorts of skin problems ranging from dark eye circles and blemishes to regeneration of the skin cells to heal the burnt wounds. Moreover, there are a lot of medical uses of this bark, which are amazing. Other than medical uses, Mimosa Hostilis provides a great variety of uses like dyeing of clothes, nitrogen fixation in soil, etc. You will also find a lot of Mimosa Hostilis Vendors online due to its demand for its amazing properties.


You can convert Mimosa Hostilis root bark into soap for daily usage. It can help you get rid of all sorts of problems related to skincare. All you need to do is find yourself a professional Mimosa Hostilis Vendor for a quality product. Below are some of the essential uses of MHRB soap:

  • It may contribute to slowing down the aging process and help your skin cells regenerate fast.
  • It is claimed to help you get rid of the blemishes and acne, making your skin flawless.
  • It also helps to blur the wrinkles of your skin.
  • It will produce a fantastic glow to your face.
  • It can help to moisturize your face if you have dry skin.


You are advised to keenly read all the precautions before you start making the soap because the insensitive attitude of yours may result in an accident.

  1. We use the material “lye” for the manufacturing of our soap, which is a caustic material. It must be handled with a lot of care and responsibility. Otherwise, you can end up causing severe damage to your eyes and skin. It may even cause breathing disabilities if you inhale it. So, make sure to follow the instructions and keep a little bit of vinegar by your side, in case you splash “lye” onto yourself. The vinegar will help in the neutralization of its effect.
  2. Please do not use an Aluminium bowl to pour oils and other materials in, because when the Aluminium meets Sodium Hydroxide, it reacts and produces a combustible gas which can harm you. It isn’t funny, so make sure to follow the instructions to avoid any injuries.

With that being said, you can begin the process of preparing MHRB soap at home. Firstly, we will list down all the ingredients which you may need for the completion of the manufacturing of magical MHRB soap along with the exact measurements.


  • MHRB Powder ——       20 G
  • Coconut Oil ——       100 G
  • Olive Oil ——       150 G
  • Canola Oil ——        20 G
  • Shea Butter ——        100 G
  • Beeswax ——         50 G
  • Lye ——         57 G
  • Water ——         159 G

Now, as you’re aware of all the ingredients which are to be used in this recipe, let’s head to the procedure of making soap.


As the procedure begins, you are required to have a big bowl made of steel. Add all the three oils in the bowl. To make a uniform mixture, you need to heat the oils. Following on, you are required to use a double boiler to melt poured oils. In case you are unaware of how that works, and the poured oils can be heated by putting some water in a comparatively bigger utensil. After that, insert the steel bowl carrying oils in the bigger bowl. In this way, you can avoid inflicting direct heat to the steel bowl. To make a melted element out of three components, you are required to stir the mixture of all the three oils nicely.

The next step is to measure out 150g of water and 57g of lye. Now, pour the measured water inside a steel pot (a separate one). Now, at a slow pace, start adding lye into the water. At this point, it is recommended to take all the precautionary measures because once you add lye into the water, it gets really hot. You might burn your hand in case you don’t follow the rules. Now, after a while, you will notice that the lye is completely dissolved into the water. Thus, you will see a uniform solution. Going further, you are instructed to add Mimosa powder and stir the mixture gently till it reaches 100F.

Once your oils are completely melted, begin adding lye solution into the bowl of oils. Make sure to use a stick mixer for your ease. You also have the option to add a few drops of your favorite fragrance to make your soap look more enticing. The next step is the final and satisfying step of all because this is where you put the mixture into a mould. You will have to add parchment paper in the mould before you add the mixture of soap. It will take a few days for the soap to be completely ready. As haste makes waste, if you try to hurry, you might mess up the whole thing, so consider bearing patience and let it sit for a few day.

Our work here is all done because now, you can have your magical MHRB soap, which helps your skin nourish to a great extent. We have entirely described the whole procedure step by step, and we are sure it is clear enough for you to make your soap at home. In case you find this procedure a bit lengthy or hard, you can also consider purchasing this soap from the Mimosa Hostilis Vendor near you. If not, you can buy the soap online.

Where To Get Mimosa Hostilis Rootbark Online?

With excellent surfing skills, you can find plenty of websites that offer this soap made from the original Mimosa Hostilis root bark. In short, you’ll find a lot of Mimosa Hostilis Vendors online. Otherwise, if you find it hard to buy the pure Mimosa Hostilis root bark, Abraxasroots is an authentic website that sells 100% pure Mimosa root bark. You can find the most natural barks there. Moreover, the experts handle the root bark properly with all the necessary care and attention. They avoid causing any sort of harm to it due to its fragility. So now, all of your skin problems seem to be sorted out. Go on and try this procedure of making Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Soap at your home.

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